About Counselling

Counselling is a ‘talking therapy’ that gives you the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings in a non judgmental, confidential and safe place. We all face difficulties at times in our lives, talking with a counsellor can help you to manage these difficult feelings.

The way I work is based upon an integrative approach that I tailor to suit the specific needs of the young person I am working with. I incorporate Person-Centred, Cognitive Behavioural, and Psychodynamic theory into working model. I believe in the importance of developing a good therapeutic relationship. I use my experience and knowledge to support young people and their families in a process of exploration and growth.

Young people sometimes find it hard to put feelings into words, so where appropriate I use creative strategies with clay, sand and other artistic media. This can be adapted to suit different developmental levels. My aim is to build up a trusting relationship that supports young people in exploring and understanding their feelings.


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